Dr Serge Amos Bonhomme

Dr. Bishop Serge A. Bonhomme is the founder and Chancellor for Providence International Christian University, a subsidiary of Providence International Ministries. Inc. and the Director of the Chaplaincy Association.  He holds a doctor of Divinity in Theology, and he has a Master of Arts in Christian Psychology.  As a young man, Dr. Bonhomme worked as a radio announcer/commentator  in one of Haiti’s most prominent radio stations of its time called Radio Lumiere (Light Radio). Radio Lumiere is where Dr.  Bonhomme rocketed to stardom and became well known in Haiti.

After many years working at the radio station, he migrated to the United States and relocated  to Central Florida, particularly in Lakeland Florida, where he worked as a Pastor and taught at a Bible College Institute for the Church of the Nazarene. There he met his wife Ledia, fell in love,  and were married. Together they have 4 talented children.

A prolific leader in a diversity of areas he has served, Dr.  Bonhomme’s professional career has taken him through a plethora of experiences that range from the evangelist, missionary, church planter Christian marriage and family counselor to professor, public speaker, journalist, TV and Radio broadcaster, and communication specialist. With the initiative of Dr.  Bonhomme, his first radio program along with the his first TV show were launched in Orlando where he currently resides, out of which, many endeavors resulted. He was the recipient of the Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz award in 2015.

He has a total of 45 years of experience in ministry. Dr.  Bonhomme is a Bible scholar, an avid reader, a visionary and dynamic teacher. Dr.  Bonhomme has planted churches in several regions of Haiti, and throughout the United States,  in Lakeland Florida, Orlando Florida, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lansing Michigan and Atlanta Georgia. With the help of Dr.  Bonhomme several other churches were planted, such as those found in the the city of Winter Haven, Florida, Wauchula Florida, and Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Dr.  Bonhomme has pastored several churches as well. He is the founder of Calvary Evangelical Bible College,  Galilean Worship Center of Orlando, New Beginnings Restoration Center of Orlando, and International Training Center. He was the Dean of Rhema University in Florida,  and also served as a Court Interpreter/Translator.

Dr. Bishop Bonhomme is a sought after speaker; he has conducted many seminars on Leadership and Church development in many countries such as Haiti, Aruba, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Dominican Republic, Paris, France and Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa). Most recently Dr. Bishop Bonhomme worked as a diplomat for the Haitian government. Dr. Bishop Bonhomme began teaching using online tools to offer remote study classes where he encouraged and taught his students to learn Biblical principles. From there, the number of students grew, and he had to take on a new venture to start offering on-site classes. This visionary servant-leader of the Lord, intends for  Providence International Christian University, to be an instrument that will further spark and nurture ministry in others around the globe.


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